Bacterial peptides in the gut-muscle axis

Increasing evidence points towards an association between the gut microbiome and sarcopenia, the muscle wasting associated with ageing. However, the mechanisms behind these associations are still unclear, hampering the translational […]

Common drugs as geroprotectors

Geroprotectors are the name given to compounds that can slow down ageing and promote healthy lifespan. Although hundreds of compounds are known to extend the lifespan of laboratory organisms, clinical […]

Innate-like lymphocytes in muscle wasting

Immunosenescence comprises the changes in immunity that come with aging. Both the adaptive and the innate immune system are altered. For example, the aged innate immune system is characterized by […]

Quorum sensing peptides in the ageing immune system

Quorum sensing peptides (QSPs) are characteristic bacterial products, constitutively produced by living bacteria and exhibiting an increased and/or altered production in “stress” conditions. They have long been considered as intra-bacterial […]

Saliva metabolomics in older people

Recent studies have identified different bacterial metabolites in human saliva [1, 2]. However, the ageing shifts in metabolites are not well characterized yet. At TRIGG, we are currently optimizing protocol […]