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Aging is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century that affects every aspect of society. TRIGG scientists combine multidisciplinary forces to tackle unhealthy ageing, striving for infinite healthy years in men and women. Read more about our mission


Streptococcus bacteria contribute to muscle wasting

June 4, 2024
Muscle wasting diseases, such as cancer cachexia and age-associated sarcopenia, have a profound and detrimental impact on functional independence, quality of life, and survival. Our understanding of the underlying mechanisms […]

Dr. Anton De Spiegeleer guest at VRT NWS Laat

March 14, 2024
On Thursday, February 22, Dr. Anton De Spiegeleer was a guest on VRT NWS Laat to provide insight into anti-aging medications. Fact or fiction? Watch it here:

TRIGG New Year’s Meeting

February 20, 2024
In the last weekend of January, we had our first TRIGG New Year's Meeting. The 130 attendees had the opportunity to learn about our accomplishments in the past year and […]

Lieven Tavernier sings for a healthy old age

January 22, 2024
On Sunday, January 28, TRIGG organizes its first New Year's meeting in the chapel of UZ Gent (University Hospital Ghent). TRIGG is the research group at UZ Gent focused on […]

Welcome Raoul De Smet

January 9, 2024
Since november joins Raoul De Smet the TRIGG-family. He joins as physiotherapist the search of new functional therapy for sarcopenia. Raoul De Smet received a Master degree in 2020 in […]

Statins in the fight against sarcopenia

August 9, 2023
Accelerated muscle aging, known as sarcopenia, is a geriatric condition that poses significant health risks both for individuals and society. Hospitalization can trigger a sudden deterioration of sarcopenia, making it […]