Common drugs as geroprotectors

Geroprotectors are the name given to compounds that can slow down ageing and promote healthy lifespan. Although hundreds of compounds are known to extend the lifespan of laboratory organisms, clinical studies of potential geroprotectors are still very rare. Drug repurposing is an appealing strategy herein. Compared to developing a de novo medicine, drug repurposing can generate lower costs and a shorter approval time due to the already available safety profile, and is considered in line with the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) of United Nations. During the COVID19 pandemics, TRIGG researchers studied the potential COVID-19/immunomodulatory and geroprotective effects of statins in a very frail population, i.e. nursing home residents. Statins in nursing home residents were associated with less COVID-19 symptomatology and severe disease as well as with a general geroprotective effect [1, 2]. This TRIGG research has already been highly cited by other researchers, indicating its importance and pioneering value [1].

The study on potential geroprotectors conducted by TRIGG will hopefully increase healthy ageing in the future.

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