Raoul De Smet

Scientific employee
Physiotherapist at Geriatric Department, Ghent University Hospital

Main expertise

  1. Geriatric Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy


Raoul De Smet received a Master degree in 2020 in rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy in elderly at Ghent University. In August 2020, he immediately started working part-time as a physiotherapist at the Geriatric department of the Ghent University Hospital. In addition, he worked for three years as a self-employed physiotherapist in a group practice, where he mainly treated elderly and patients with neurological disorders.
In November 2023 Raoul De Smet exchanged his self-employed activity for scientific research and its implementation in clinical practice. He is currently investigating the role of Blood Flow Restriction Training in a geriatric population. He will also conduct research within the Muscle & Mobility Program.