Evelien Wynendaele

Member of TRIGG Steering committee
Postdoctoral staff member at DruQuaR laboratory (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UGent) / Researcher

Main expertise

  1. Quality and analytics of medicines for discovery, preclinical investigations, clinical trials and post-approvals using a wide variety of techniques such as LC-MS, FTIR, CD en SAW-biosensor (EU recognized GMP-laboratory; EMA quality expert).
  2. Preclinical ADME in rodents (incl. Blood-Brain Barrier) and ex-vivo in-vitro transdermal/transmucosal diffusion studies (Franz cells using human skin and porcine oral mucosa).
  3. Peptides as bioactive molecules (biomarkers, medicines): (bio)analytics, target interaction, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics (receptor, cell, tissue/organ, rodent). A special focus is on the quorum sensing peptides, produced by micro-organisms including our microbiota. This group of bacterial molecules is also an explanatory factor in the host-microbiome interaction (e.g. sarcopenia).


Dr. Wynendaele received the Master degree in Drug Development in 2009 at Ghent University and completed her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2014 at the same university on the causative role of quorum sensing peptides in colorectal cancer and breast cancer. She is currently working as a Post-doctoral fellow in the DruQuaR laboratory under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Bart De Spiegeleer. She has published more than 50 papers in reputed journals such as Nature Materials, Nucleic Acids Research and BMC Biology.

Dr. Wynendaele also supports different pharmaceutical courses at Ghent University, is responsible for the course Sustainable Landscape of Pharmaceutical Discovery in the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master of Science in Sustainable Drug Discovery (acronym: S-DISCO), in which she is also part of the management board.