Amélie Descamps

Member of TRIGG
PhD student at DruQuaR laboratory / Pharm.D. (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UGent)

Main expertise

  1. Quorum Sensing Peptides as bioactive molecules (biomarkers, medicines): (bio)analytics, target interaction, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics (receptor, cell, tissue/organ, rodent).
  2. Quality analytics of medicines, especially using LC-UV/MS techniques.


Amélie Descamps received a Master degree in Drug Development in 2019 at Ghent University with great distinction, having performed her master research at the University of Girona about the SPPS synthesis of quorum sensing peptides. She is currently conducting PhD research at the DruQuaR laboratory aiming to elucidate the role of bacterial quorum sensing peptides in sarcopenia. Amélie Descamps mainly investigates their presence in mice and human bio-fluids to evaluate their biological relevance.